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Sunsets and sea air: unofficial ingredients in every bottle.


Paradise isn’t necessarily a geographical requirement for making great whisky, but we managed to find it at Shelter Point. It’s here that we hand craft our 100% Single Malt Whisky, distilled batch-by-batch in traditional copper pot stills from two-row barley, and aged in American oak barrels in our oceanfront warehouse. When it comes to artisanal whisky, every element matters—and in our unique, temperate rainforest climate, even the sunsets and sea air become integral.


Shelter Point Whisky Tasting Notes

Experts tell us that the inaugural batch of Shelter Point Single Malt Whisky has a very nice spice with good barrel sweetness, fruit and floral notes and some chocolate on the nose. It’s nicely finessed with a good balance of complexity and delicateness. Translation? It goes down very, very smoothly.


Shelter Point Whisky Facts

Still: Custom-designed copper still

Base: Two-row barley (That’s it. Nothing else.)

Distillation: Small-batch, 2x distilled and non-chilled filtered

Alcohol Content: Bottled at 46% Alc.Vol

Bottle Size: 750ml

Packaging: Classic Tennessee-style bottle features Vinolok glass closure and original engraving of Shelter Point Farm created by renowned illustrator Steve Noble.

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