Grainstorm Heritage Baking Organic Oatmeal Cookie Mix

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Bake like it's 1869!


If you love oatmeal cookies, these will blow you away. There is no wheat here, just freshly ground and flaked Canadian organic oats and about half the sugar of a typical oatmeal cookie. The end result is a rustic oat delight. So good you should make them up plain, but they do great in all kinds of variations. And so quick and easy to prepare... makes a great little after-school baking project. Delicious and truly wholesome cookies you'll love to give out for snacks and treats.


•Makes 2-3 dozen cookies
•Made with Canadian grains
•Nut/Peanut Free

What's in the bag: whole fresh ground and flaked oat kernels*, dried cane juices*, baking soda, sea salt. *Organic (May contain gluten traces.)


What you add in your kitchen: eggs, butter and olive oil.

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