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Winner of the Ecoholic Award and recommended by Adria Vasil author of the Ecoholic Home.


The Classic Medium microfiber cloth is an all purpose household cleaning cloth that can be used on almost any surface.


Size: 12.6" x 12.6"


 It is the only cloth you'll ever need. It's versatility makes it perfect for:

 * households
 * restaurants
 * hotels
 * offices
 * automobile dealerships
 * marinas
 * airlines
 * grocery stores
 * hair salons
 * and many other commercial, domestic, and outdoor / leisure applications.


The Blue Wonder Classic Cloth is an all-purpose cloth, perfect in design and quality for all your house cleaning needs. It is recommended for window cleaning, mirrors, TV / computer screens, sinks, kitchen cabinets, stovetops, microwave ovens, furniture, countertops, dishes, pots & pans, porcelain, bikes, cars, motorbikes, boats, silk plants, blinds, computers, household electronics, hard surface flooring, chrome and other high-gloss surfaces, picture frames, instruments, etc.

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