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Our mission is to showcase products that are made in Canada, and to tell consumers where they can buy them. Through our blog and various social media networks, we are building an online community of like-minded individuals who are together driving this grassroots movement across the country. Get involved!


When you join the Buy Canadian First community, you are supporting:


Our tremendous efforts to fill our product catalogue with tens of thousands of products made in Canada. Yes, we still make a lot of things in this country, but they are hard to find!


Our dedication to raise awareness about the impact of our everyday buying decisions, and how much power we really have as Canadian consumers to make things better for our country and our communities!


Buying Canadian-made products makes sense in many ways:

  • It keeps our economy strong, protects our jobs and our tax base
  • It reduces our carbon footprint on the environment, as products made closer to home require less transportation
  • It certifies that the products we buy respect our stringent environmental, health & safety standards
  • It guarantees that the people who made those products were treated fairly, and worked in safe & sanitary conditions.

Here’s how you can help

The first thing you can do is to share our site with your personal and professional contacts, and encourage them to get involved too. Buying Canadian benefits everyone!

  • Join our online community, it’s free and it shows you care. It also enables you to rate & review products, comment on blog posts and receive our monthly newsletter;
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  • If you have a blog or a website, and you think our content is of interest to your readers or visitors, consider the following:

1. Add our blog to your blogroll;
2. Write about our site and cause in a blog post or article;
3. Add one of our badges to a page on your blog or website:

                    I support Made in Canada - Buy Canadian First            We support Made on Canada - Buy Canadian First


And don’t forget the most important gesture of all: ask your local retailers to put more Canadian-made products on their shelves!

Thanks, Canadians across the country appreciate your involvement!

Isabelle and the Buy Canadian First team


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