The #BuyCanadianDay 2016 Contest

We are so excited to announce the very first Buy Canadian Day! The event is taking place on June 25th 2016 at independent retailers across the country, as well as through online retailers. We challenge Canadians to purchase at least one products made in Canada on that day. Imagine the ripple effects!

And to celebrate this great event, what better than a giveaway!? Thanks to a great bunch of Canadian manufacturers, we have over $1000 worth of Canadian-made products to give away to a lucky winner!

The contest runs until June 30th 2016, and we will announce the winner on Canada Day. The details to enter the contest are at the end of this post.

Good luck!

Go Canada Go! helmet cover by Tail Wags

It’s always in style to show your Canadian pride with this helmet cover. This design features a glow-in-the-dark silver 3M maple leaf. One size fits all and, as a bonus, the Lycra is water repellent and UV resistant. Easy to hand wash; just lay flat to dry. Made in Ontario. (Value: $45)


Selection of McSweeney’s products

McSweeney’s craft jerky is made with the utmost care and attention, in a range of flavours from salty to sweet and just the right amount of heat. A great source of protein, and gluten-free too! Disclaimer: prize will not be exactly as illustrated. (Value: $100)


Selection of frozen treats from Kisko products

Nothing says Canadian summer quite like Kisko! An iconic Canadian company since 1977, Kisko continues to innovate with yummy treats such as their NEW Welch's Lemonade freezies. Made in Ontario. (Coupons valued at $50)


Selection of AspenClean natural cleaning products

These 100% natural, eco-friendly cleaning products are vegan, EcoCert® certified, and received an A-grade rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Prize pack includes: 4 sprays (all-purpose, glass, kitchen, bathroom) plus a dish soap, superscrub, and all-in-one concentrate. Made in B.C. (Value: $87)


Essentia Natural Memory Foam Comfort Pillow

Throwback to traditional pillow, the Comfort is hard not to love. Soft yet incredible supportive. Made from the only natural memory foam in the world, sleeps cools and feels absolutely amazing. The cover is made using certified organic cotton. Made in Quebec. (Value: $139)


Honey Orange Gift Bag from Nature’s Natural Solutions (NNS)

Nature's Natural Solutions creates premium goat milk skin care products. Available in 3 different skin care lines, there is something for everyone! This Honey Orange gift collection is their best-selling line. Perfect for summertime! Kit contains a large and a small Goat Milk Lotion, a bar of Goat Milk Soap, a Goat Milk Shower Scrub, an Air & Linen Refresher, a Lip Conditioner and a Bath Sponge. Made in Nova Scotia (Value: $55)


Almond Fresh Beverages by Earth's Own

Available in six delicious flavours (Origina, Original Unsweetened, Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla, Chocolate & Coconut); all are low in calories and sodium, an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D, and lactose and cholesterol free. Contains 15% of your daily Vitamin E allowance. Made in B.C. (Coupons valued at $50)


Baby and toddler accessories from Glup Bébé

Eco-friendly, practical and stylish baby & toddler accessories designed to make moms’ and dads’ lives easier. Gift pack includes a Saint-Bernard+ drool bib for the serious drooler, a bandana (a must for summer) and a toy strap to keep everything baby needs close by. Made in Quebec. (Value: $ 50)


Cloth diapers by DriLine Baby

Waterproof PUL outer and super soft luxurious bamboo Rayon fleece inner (80% bamboo Rayon / 20% Polyester). Available in hook and loop closure or snaps closure. NEW! 3 x 3 snap design easily allows the Bamboo Baby AIO /OS (one size) diaper to grow with your baby. Fits most babies from 8 lbs to 30 lbs.  Pack of 4. Made in Alberta. (Value: $48)


Fabric STICK-ON patches from Easy Peasy Patches

These fabric patches are stickers so they require NO ironing & NO sewing! They will stick to everything, and stay on wash-after-wash! Use Easy Peasy Patches on clothing, backpacks, water bottles, iPods, bikes, purses and sporting equipment… the uses are endless! Receive a coupon to shop on their website. Made in Ontario (Value: $ 50)


Selection of Crofters jams & spreads

Crofter's Organic has been crafting certified organic, Non-GMO verified fruit spreads on the shores of Georgian Bay in Parry Sound, Ontario, for over 25 years now. All the organic cane sugar in their products is fair trade from the Green Cane Project in Brazil. Made in Ontario. (Value: $55)


2-piece pouch set from JOOL


Upcycled geometric mod clutch and coin purse. One of a kind and made by hand. Made in Ontario (Value: $70)


Neckerchief by Anu Raina

A playful scarf (25 X 25 inches) Inspired by...well...Hugs and Kisses...enough said! Made in Ontario. (Value: $ 70)


CoverFX skincare products

Cover FX creates makeup products that help you look your best while actually improving your skin over time. Includes: C+Radiance Lemongrass, a vitamin-enriched concentrate that revitalizes and invigorates dull-looking skin and Calming Primer that visibly reduces redness and improves skin clarity. Made in Ontario. (Value: $106)


Dog apparel by CanisWear

CanisWear dog clothes are designed for an active dog's everyday life. Quality fabrics & expert craftsmanship: only the best for your pooch! Prize pack includes MOVERE boots, a BAWA jacket and an ALPIN hat. Winner can choose the size. Made in Quebec. (Value: $128)


Total giveaway value: over $ 1000.00 !!!


To enter the giveaway, do as many of the 4 following things as possible, as they each count for one entry. The more the merrier (and luckier)!

1) Leave us a comment below telling us why it's important for you to buy Canadian-made products (Comments are moderated, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away);

2) Follow us on Twitter and mention the following: I entered to win over $1000 of Canadian-made products for #BuyCanadianDay at @BuyCndianFirst and you should too!

3) Like and comment on our Facebook contest post

4) Register to receive our monthly newsletter with exclusive offers and promotions on Canadian-made products.


The giveaway ends on Thursday, June 30th2016 at 5:00 PM ET. We will pick one name at random from all entries and the winner will be announced on Canada Day, Friday July 1st.


Good luck!


Contest rules:

  1. No purchase necessary;
  2. Contest is open to Canadian residents over the age of 18, except in Quebec.
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13-Jun-2016, By: Toby
So important to buy Canadian-products as it keeps jobs here! I always try to buy local first!
13-Jun-2016, By: Charlotte/chalbe
I'm always looking for Canadian made products, incl. clothes, shoes and of course Canadian grown food. It's important to keep jobs in Canada and spend more effort to export our products.
13-Jun-2016, By: joy
i love to buy Canadian products because i can depend that they will be safe and superlative quality. It is important to support our Canadian producers/farmers/entrepreneurs and to keep the economy strong and growing!
13-Jun-2016, By: Rose Holloway
I try to buy Canadian made when ever I can. In my opinion the products are made of good quality and I like to see my hard earned money going back to local sources.
13-Jun-2016, By: Laurie Wallace
I believe that it's important to buy Canadian for a number of reasons which include 1) you keep your neighbours employed and money flowing back into our community and economy and 2) you know that the products are of the highest quality.
13-Jun-2016, By: roseg
Working Conditions--in this country, we have labour standards that provide fair wages, but also safe and clean working conditions; this is unlike some of the tragedies we read about in manufacturing facilities overseas.
13-Jun-2016, By: James Slattery
I like to buy Canadian products to support our economy, maintain jobs, get the safety and pricing of a Canadian made product, connect with others who think like I do, and tell others what products really work!
13-Jun-2016, By: Maria
It's important to support Canadian businesses (our local businesses) as well. This protects the jobs and provides for the Canadian families.
13-Jun-2016, By: Christine Holliday
I always try to buy Canadian! It is just the right things to do!!! Beyond that, the quality is always superb! It's a win win!!!
13-Jun-2016, By: sean pynaert
It's important to buy Canadian to keep jobs here and employment rate down.
13-Jun-2016, By: Karla Sceviour
Its important to buy Canadian-made products to support our local people,companies and sources.
13-Jun-2016, By: Tricia Hope
I choose to support other Canadian families by purchasing Canadian made goods when ever possible.They have a proven track record for durability and safety.
13-Jun-2016, By: LILLIAN BROWN
It's important to support Canadian businesses, because we are keeping our money in Canada, which benefits the whole country.
13-Jun-2016, By: Tricia Hope
I choose to support Canadian families by purchasing Canadian made products.They are well made and better quaility also
13-Jun-2016, By: Catherine Brown
I always want to buy Canadian first, to help our own economy.
13-Jun-2016, By: FREDERIC BROWN
I always try to buy Canadian, especially small appliances because I trust they are safe unlike some that are imported and I want to keep my hard earned money in my country
13-Jun-2016, By: Andrea Amy
Its important to support Canadian to help our economy and support our communities. tweeted,thanks :)
13-Jun-2016, By: David Patterson
Supports the local economy and is more environmentally sustainable.
13-Jun-2016, By: Susan Hanley
It's important to me to buy Canadian because I believe in supporting our Canadian companies. As these companies succeed and grow, jobs will be created and our economy will strengthen.
13-Jun-2016, By: Colleen C
We work hard to buy as local and as much Canadian product as we can. As soon as fruits and veggies are in season we switch to local. At one point all my clothing was local made - but that is nearly impossible now, after the collapse of the textiles industry in Canada. I am glad to see that it is starting to rebound. Did you know you can buy Canadian-made shoes? My hubby and I both have shoes made in Ontario. And we love them. Super comfortable and very durable. We love buying Canadian.
13-Jun-2016, By: Mary Boudreau
I like to buy Canadian because I have confidence in the quality of the products and it's great for our economy
13-Jun-2016, By: Lana
Its important to keep our own workforce supported and employed
13-Jun-2016, By: Gemma Mousley
I like to buy Canadian products to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local economy.
13-Jun-2016, By: Jason
It's important for you to buy Canadian-made products to create jobs in this nation and to dodge price fluctuations caused by importation of certain products.
13-Jun-2016, By: edna Andrews
to support Canadian economy and many Canadian companies, I choose to support other Canadian families by purchasing Canadian made goods when ever possible.They have a proven track record for durability and safety.
13-Jun-2016, By: Ian Barrett
Yes, living in a very blue collar city I definitely support Canadian products and if I can't get something that is built in Canada I try to get a product that was made by someone that gets paid a decent wage. I purchased a chevy equinox in January for my wife, which is built in Ingersoll, Ontario and have a silverado on order that is being built in Flint, Michigan an hour from where I live. I have several friends that paid nearly $10k less than my silverado for dodge rams built in Mexico (after employee discounts the difference was less), but I choose to support local and not too mention my father worked in the auto industry and made a very good living doing so, so If I can help keep that sort of job around I have no issues paying a little more.
13-Jun-2016, By: Johanne Laurin-Castonguay
It is so important to buy Canadian-products as it keeps jobs here! I always try to buy local first! Thanks for the contest!
13-Jun-2016, By: Christeena Caines
Buying Canadian is Very important. 1) I want to favor our economy. 2) It means that pseudo-slavery (or outright slavery) wasn't used to produce whatever it is I'm buying. Whenever I learn that someone is abusing loopholes to slap "Made in Canada" on something which was clearly made elsewhere, I get indignant. More so if it was a product I use. Even more so if I learn it was actually made in a third world country.
13-Jun-2016, By: Christeena Caines
Buying Canadian is Very important. 1) I want to favor our economy. 2) It means that pseudo-slavery (or outright slavery) wasn't used to produce whatever it is I'm buying. Whenever I learn that someone is abusing loopholes to slap "Made in Canada" on something which was clearly made elsewhere, I get indignant. More so if it was a product I use. Even more so if I learn it was actually made in a third world country.
13-Jun-2016, By: Vivian Dionne
I buy Canadian products where possible to help our economy. Also, buying local, you know where thing are coming from.
13-Jun-2016, By: Katie Lynn
Yeah it's important. I don't want to buy something just because it's Canadian. I want it to be quality and affordable too. It has to be worth it. That means good materials and efficient production methods or craftsmanship. It's in our best interests to buy Canadian. It helps our economy and the public in general. The more stuff that gets made here, the more jobs there are, the healthier our dollar is on the international market. There's lots of ways that we could improve and do better.
13-Jun-2016, By: V. Hill
Buying Canadian means jobs are local. Money stays local. Spending stays local. Stronger communities = stronger economy = stronger country
13-Jun-2016, By: peggy boyle
the quality is very good and this creates employment for canadians
13-Jun-2016, By: patty george
I love to buy Canadian to support local business,,, keep the money in Canaada not overseas
13-Jun-2016, By: Debbie Petch
I prefer buying Canadian made products because they are higher quality and they keep our citizens employed.
13-Jun-2016, By: Lori W
buying canadian helps with the economy. buying canadian food products helps me because i have so many allergies to additives.
13-Jun-2016, By: Jackie Hendrix
Love supporting and buying Canadian made products. Why would we not want to buy products made with Canadian pride? Buy local, buy Canadian!
13-Jun-2016, By: Tammy
Buying Canada keeps ourselves and our neighbours employed. It also is a better guarantee of quality products than those from overseas.
13-Jun-2016, By: SandyS
It's about time we take a stand to support our Canadians in job employment and purchase quality, not quantity, products from our own country. Just think of the reduction in the carbon footprint.SALINAS CAR
13-Jun-2016, By: Eva Mitton-Urban
Generations of Canadians have worked hard to promote business in Canada in the hope of prospering and more importantly letting the business continue with the NEXT GENERATION. As hard working peoples - long hours and years of tenacity - being taken over by the larger fish is the norm. I am proud to be a Canadian so to support small business in the effort to stay competitive and alive - my full support. I check labels and I buy Canadian. MADE IN CANADA.
13-Jun-2016, By: Patricia Rosart
I like to buy Canadian-made products as it is good for the local economy. It is also good for the environment as the products are shipped locally.
13-Jun-2016, By: Cathy Oppedisano
It's important for me to buy Canadian-made products because I feel it has been made better than products made in other countries.
13-Jun-2016, By: Judy Allen
I am always happy to see Made in Canada products. I buy them whenever I can.
13-Jun-2016, By: Nicoleroannef
You would support a local industry, keeping money in Canada, preserving Canadian jobs and in return get a higher quality product with stronger quality control than some other places.
13-Jun-2016, By: James Brown
It's important to buy Canadian products to try and keep jobs and money in Canada!
13-Jun-2016, By: Valerie Warmington
Supporting our Canadian economy means hiring Canadians to manufacture for Canadians, distribute by Canadians to consume by Canadians!
13-Jun-2016, By: Valerie Warmington
Supporting our Canadian economy means hiring Canadians to manufacture for Canadians, distribute by Canadians to consume by Canadians!
13-Jun-2016, By: Warmington
Manufacture, distribute & sell to Canadians means we all win by supporting the Canadian economy!
13-Jun-2016, By: Jenna Pealow
It's important to me that we support fellow Canadians so that they stay in business and prosper.
13-Jun-2016, By: Susan Adams
Not only does buying Canadian support our local economy, but it also means less carbon is being emitted into the atmosphere as less goods are being transported long distances. This is a win-win situation!
13-Jun-2016, By: Janis Ilekys
I always try to buy local; I visit my local farmer's market most weekends as well as travel downtown to the famous St. Lawrence Market to shop local when the farmer's markets have ended. You can shop the smaller not chain stores to find Canadian grown poultry, fish and other yummies.
13-Jun-2016, By: Kitsa Tsivoulas
we need to buy local and Canadian to support our Country first before every other Country
13-Jun-2016, By: Tracy D
It's so important to support our buy Canadian, we're all interdependent.
13-Jun-2016, By: Julie Demers
I believe it's important to buy Canadian because 1st) We have great products in Canada 2nd) It creates jobs and encourages our economy 3) Buying local is great for the environment too Last but not least Trust! As in trust in our canadian made products vs made in other countries.
13-Jun-2016, By: Fran Schwitek
It is very important to support and purchase from Canadian businesses for many reasons; some of which are: Canadian-made products are generally produced under stricter standards so they are safer; supporting Canadian business keeps these businesses alive which grows our economy; purchasing Canadian lessens our environmental footprint.
13-Jun-2016, By: Carrie
It's so important to think locally - supporting our environment, our economy & our fellow Canadians!
13-Jun-2016, By: Israel Y
so important to help our own economy and regulated properly
13-Jun-2016, By: Carole Dube
I love to buy Canadian as much as possible and support Canadians Company.
13-Jun-2016, By: Jen Turla
Buying Canadian is gentler on the environment as the products don't have to travel overseas to reach me. I can also trust the ingredients and feel comfortable that the employees have been treated fairly.
13-Jun-2016, By: Luis
I work in retail and often get customers on vacation, looking to take back items for family that are made in Canada. It's hard to come by as most of the products in the retail stores are made in other countries. I also design and make pyjamas for kids and adults, and often have people state that my prices are too high. I remind them that my items are made by me, in Canada, with fabrics locally sourced, and not made by oversea manufacturers paying their sewers less than minimum wage.
13-Jun-2016, By: Mary Lou MacKenzie
It is important for me to buy Canadian made products to support our Canadian manufacturers as they are supporting us by investing in our country & providing work to Canadians. As well, if a product is made in Canada, it is made under strict regulations/guidelines/standards which we can rely knowing we are getting a quality product. It is important to buy products & produce from local Canadian farmers as we are getting fresher, safer food & supporting Canadians #BuyCanadianFirst #BuyCanadianDay.
13-Jun-2016, By: wsiemens
Its important to support our Canadian economy as much as possible - the world is becoming more and more global and it becomes quite a challenge!
13-Jun-2016, By: Donna Lyn
I buy Canadian to keep jobs in Canada and support the Canadian economy.
13-Jun-2016, By: Heather Hanson
I love Canadian made product as they are good quality. It is also helpful to support our own economy. I usually shop in Canadian stores as well. I will look at your site for goods I can use. Thanks for this. Hooray for June 25th!
14-Jun-2016, By: Silvia Demmy
I love buying/supporting Canadian made products/services. ! It helps provide jobs and products/services are in my opinion superior to most imports! i love shopping local ,especially fruits/veggies and the local artisans!
14-Jun-2016, By: Annette C.
Helps support local businesses.
14-Jun-2016, By: Brenda Lacourciere
It is important to me to buy local or Canadian to keep our economy strong.
14-Jun-2016, By: BC Stong
We need to encourge Canadian production to give ourselves good jobs so we can stay strong as a country. What we can grow and produce we should. What we can't let's import. It makes sense to buy coffee from overseas, but pickles? We grow cucumbers and can make pickles in Canada!
14-Jun-2016, By: Nick Cappelletti
It is important to help keep jobs in Canada and keep transportation costs down!
14-Jun-2016, By: Andrew Fraser
important to support our businesses
14-Jun-2016, By: Janna Fraser
Canadian products are higher quality and worth the extra cost
14-Jun-2016, By: robert young
I ways buy Canadian made products as much as possible it has quality unlike made in china
14-Jun-2016, By: Renee Lacasse
It's important to me to buy Canadian because I believe in supporting our Canadian companies. As these companies succeed and grow, jobs will be created and our economy will strengthen.
14-Jun-2016, By: Janine a
Buying local is so important to me as I work at a local restaurant which only uses home grown and local products. We have to support the people around us and our own economy. Canada is great and has so much to offer!!
14-Jun-2016, By: MANUEL VIZCAYA
It's important to buy Canadian-made products so that manufacturing jobs stay in Canada.
14-Jun-2016, By: Debbie Bashford
Buying Canadian made products directly impacts our economy in positive ways
14-Jun-2016, By: Lynn M
I like buying Canadian made products as it keeps people employed, money within the country, I perceive the products to be high quality and if possible I like to purchase the products close to home (assuming I do not make/grow the products myself).
14-Jun-2016, By: Glenda Wong
I am proud to be a Canadian and I am proud to buy Canadian made products! It's important to support Canadians and our country!
14-Jun-2016, By: Tiesha
When I see Canadian made products, I am more likely to buy them because it helps our economy, I assume there are regulations around the manufacturing of the product, and that the product will be higher quality.
14-Jun-2016, By: Janina Kraus
I only ever buy Canadain products, furniture and art as it is important to be patriotic!
14-Jun-2016, By: eric
I buy Canadian products especially local produce to support Canadian business and keep our economy rolling.
14-Jun-2016, By: veronica
Everyone should buy Canadian whenever possible. We need to be united as a country and support our own farmers and companies and enjoy and take advantage of what is right at our doorstep. I try to buy local whenver possible. It may be a little bit more than the imported items but, it makes me feel good to know that I am supporting Canadians.
14-Jun-2016, By: Michele Geiger-Wolf
Buying Canadian guarantees excellent quality and product safety, as well as providing good quality Canadian jobs. Go Canada!
14-Jun-2016, By: Kim Stenner
It's important to keep jobs in Canada and to help keep the economy growing
14-Jun-2016, By: Francis
Buying Canadian keeps jobs in Canada
14-Jun-2016, By: Nicole Fawcett
It is so important to buy local on so many levels, for our economy, for our environment and for great quality!
14-Jun-2016, By: Ashley Mahe
I look for Canadian products because I believe they are of good quality, are ethically made and are supporting our economy.
14-Jun-2016, By: Nancy
I like to buy Canadian made products for the quality and support Canadian business and jobs.
14-Jun-2016, By: Leah
It's important to support domestic makers and domestic jobs, especially local. Helps our economy to grow and encourages more Canadian product makers!
14-Jun-2016, By: Diana Plavins
I buy Canadian because it keeps jobs here, I especially try to buy local for the same reason
14-Jun-2016, By: Leigh Soldan
I think it's important to buy Canadian and support our own local craftsmen, farmers and manufacturers. If we don't, who will?
14-Jun-2016, By: Sid Blum
Canada (:
14-Jun-2016, By: Wanda Bergman
I think it's important because I like to support the country I live in.
14-Jun-2016, By: Pam R.
It is important for me because Canada has a lot more quality control as well as I want to support business owners here at home!
14-Jun-2016, By: Elaine D
We need Canadian economy to prosper so it's very important that Canadian made products are to be bought by Canadians.
14-Jun-2016, By: Kristi Friesen
It's important to me to buy Canadian made products because I love doing what I can to support our economy and citizens. I also love the quality that I get with Canadian made.
14-Jun-2016, By: Wayne London
Buy Canadian!!!
14-Jun-2016, By: Ariella London
Yes to Canadian products
14-Jun-2016, By: Jana Hotkova
Go Canadian Products, Go
14-Jun-2016, By: judy folk
its important to buy Canadian made products because it supports the Canadian economy and Canadian workers
14-Jun-2016, By: Sandi Tymchuk
Supporting local industries supports our economy, pays more taxes towards the collective good, and employs more of us: plus, shorter transportation of goods is usually more eco-friendly.
14-Jun-2016, By: Ann Caines
It's not just food. We should be self-sufficient in everything, and Canada is one of the few countries with that capability. We should only trade surplus. It is ludicrous to become dependent upon food from overpopulated countries that are one disaster away from famine.
14-Jun-2016, By: Chris Anderson
We have some of the most talented and skilled workers on the planet! Therefore our goods are higher quality. More importantly, we support our fellow Canadians locally by supporting our local economy to help our fellow Canadians have fulfilled, happy, and productive lives.
14-Jun-2016, By: K Yee
As a proud Canadian I feel it is important to buy Canadian products to support businesses in Canada which is in turn good for the Canadian economy. As well many products made in Canada are designed to be well-suited for Canadians.
14-Jun-2016, By: ivy pluchinsky
I believe that it is very important to support your own country and buy local or Canadian made things. I try to do this as often as i can.
14-Jun-2016, By: lynn clayton
14-Jun-2016, By: Emily A
I put myself through university sewing clothing in Victoria BC for a small Canadian women's clothing line. I no longer work in the industry but I know many people who do and love to support them by buying Canadian fashion.
14-Jun-2016, By: Patricia Gooding
I think it's important to buy Canadian because by supporting entrepreneurs here we grow strong business which pump money into our economy. Plus there are so many Canadian products which are unique to us and I love them.
14-Jun-2016, By: Daniela Plume
I'm a proud Canadian and opt for Canadian made and Canadian produced as often as possible. It's important that we support our workers, producers, farmers, and manufacturers to support our economy. #BuyCanadianDay #CanadaDay #MadeinCanada
14-Jun-2016, By: Trevor Lackey
Buying Canadian is the best way we all can help each other on a day to day basis.
14-Jun-2016, By: Alison Braidwood
I like to buy Canadian because I think the quality is higher, and I like to keep my money in the Canadian economy. Plus, shipping tends to be less heinous if you buy from a Canadian company.
14-Jun-2016, By: Margaret Helgason
I always buy Canadian when I CAN keeps Canadians working and the products seem to be better made and better quality.
14-Jun-2016, By: sonya
i always buy Canadian first, to help our own economy.
14-Jun-2016, By: Florence C
I love to buy Canadian to help support our own businesses and keep our country strong.
14-Jun-2016, By: Stephanie D
It's important to buy Canadian first because it keeps our economy stronger as well as creates jobs with proper working conditions in our own country!
14-Jun-2016, By: Dave H
It's important for me to buy Canadian-made products so I can support locals.
14-Jun-2016, By: Nate
I buy Canadian to keep jobs in Canada
14-Jun-2016, By: kristen visser
It is important to support and buy local! Keep our local business succeeding and our people with jobs
14-Jun-2016, By: Ron
I believe in buying Canadian because I love supporting our local economy and jobs. There are also so many well-designed Canadian products too.
14-Jun-2016, By: mike
its important to buy Canadian first to support our country's farmers and local producers and manufacturers which brings jobs and such
14-Jun-2016, By: Edmond
Holy batman, all done. Keep the money in the economy. #madeinCanada . Wow, prize $1000 product is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me, pick me!
14-Jun-2016, By: Leslie Crosbie
I am a proud Canadian and LOVE to support Canadian Companies that provide jobs for Canadians!! Buying Canadian-made products helps Canada's economy & enables us to live in the best Country!! I ❀ CANADA!! 🍁🍁🍁
14-Jun-2016, By: Leslie Crosbie
Registered for newsletter and eagerly anticipating it! Thank you from a Proud Canadian!
14-Jun-2016, By: DebP
I like to support the businesses of people I know, who are more likely to carry Canadian made products. Canadian made products are more attuned to local tastes, and I like that I know where the food and materials are sourced.
14-Jun-2016, By: Suzanne G
It is important to me to buy Canadian made products as I like to support our Canadian people who are working making the product and the people selling it. I also believe Canadian made is better made and the quality is just there.
14-Jun-2016, By: Rebecca Roberts
As a Canadian small business owner, it's very important to me to support other Canadian businesses! I know how much local business means to an owner!
14-Jun-2016, By: Sherry K
I like the ingenuity of Canadian producers and of course I like to keep jobs here.
14-Jun-2016, By: Mel
I buy Canadian products to support my fellow Canadians and grow the Canadian economy!
14-Jun-2016, By: gayle bellemare
I am a firm believer that we should be self sufficient, that we should buy locally & Canadian products. We need to strengthen our economy, boost jobs in our communities and learn to support our own needs.
14-Jun-2016, By: loucheryl
I think it's very important to buy Canadian to keep Canadians working! We should support Canada by buying Canadian goods. It will be so beneficial to our economy!
14-Jun-2016, By: Theresa C.
I am a very proud and patriotic Canadian, and have been buying Canadian products for years! I think it's so important not only for our economy, but to support small businesses and cottage crafts. I find Canadian goods to be higher quality than imported goods, and will always try to recommend and review such products to spread the word. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! :)
14-Jun-2016, By: Margaret H
I always try to buy Canadian products to support our economy.....
14-Jun-2016, By: Lisa Bolduc
It's a great way to boost the Canadian economy. Put more jobs in Canadians hands
14-Jun-2016, By: Heather Swanson
It's so important for all of us to buy Canadian
14-Jun-2016, By: Debbie Watson
I buy Canadian first. It supports our own economy.
14-Jun-2016, By: Heather Sibley
I love to support Canadian businesses and artisans. Its nice to keep jobs in our local communities.
14-Jun-2016, By: Nicole
It's so important for us to buy Canadian and support our local economy. By buying Canadian, we keep Canadian dollars in Canada and help fellow Canadians keep their business afloat.
14-Jun-2016, By: Leanne Cobbledick
I love to support local business!
15-Jun-2016, By: alexa
It is important to support local businesses and economy.
15-Jun-2016, By: Judy Thuy Duong
It is important to buy Canadian made products to support the economy of our country!
15-Jun-2016, By: Tainan Lu
I buy Canadian to help support our Canadian businesses.
15-Jun-2016, By: Calinda Brown
I like to support my local community and buying Canadian made products does that!
15-Jun-2016, By: Bev Barlow
For quality and our economy - for love of all things Canadian
15-Jun-2016, By: Brad Kinchen
I like to buy Canadian as it provides jobs for fellow Canadians.
15-Jun-2016, By: Nicole B
I think its very important to support Canadian it keeps jobs in Canada as well as supports local businesses.
15-Jun-2016, By: Gail McBrayne
Buying local and Canadian made is vital to our personal health and the health of Canada in general: for the health of the local and Canadian economy (support our Canadian industries!); the health of our environment (reduce the carbon footprint left behind from international shipping of goods); the health of our own bodies (Canadian and local produce is regulated to a higher degree than imported produce); quality of food produce, clothing and equipment; ethical production of everything we consume
15-Jun-2016, By: Maria
It is important to buy Canadian products so that Canadian businesses & economy can grow and flourish; so that they are supported!
15-Jun-2016, By: Karen Thaeter
I think it important to buy Canadian as it keeps our economy strong.
15-Jun-2016, By: Sarah De Diego
If we don't support Canadian, there won't be any companies left. Most of the profits go back into the communities we live and that just makes sense! Besos, Sarah Journeys of The Zoo
15-Jun-2016, By: Elizabeth Robinson
It is important to buy Canadian Products as it keeps jobs here in Canada.
15-Jun-2016, By: Julie
I like to buy Canadian products, it is so important to keep jobs here in Canada!
15-Jun-2016, By: Susan Puritch
Canadian jobs for Canadians!
15-Jun-2016, By: Anne Borger
I'm always happy when the best-made product is Canadian and happy to buy said product.
15-Jun-2016, By: Kimberley Hamilton
I buy Canadian because I love to support local businesses and our economy as a whole. I also love that when you buy Canadian, you know you are buying a quality product!
15-Jun-2016, By: christina barany
We need to keep our Canadians working to keep our economy strong and to keep our college graduates from travelling abroad to find work!
15-Jun-2016, By: Stephanie LaPlante
It's important to me to buy Canadian made products because I know I'm supporting my economy.
15-Jun-2016, By: laura feist
support canada
15-Jun-2016, By: Mary Ann Baxter
Canada is a great country and I am so proud to be a Canadian. Both sets of grandparents emigrated from Britain early in the 1900s.. My father was actually born in Scotland..but I learned my love of this country from him..he served in WWII. I believe in supporting Canadian companies and value Canadian products...they are made better with pride. This is my country and I will support it.
15-Jun-2016, By: Nicole Fleming
Buying Canadian is great for our economy
15-Jun-2016, By: Doug
Canada all the way!
15-Jun-2016, By: Sara Rai
I'm a proud Canadian:) I feel like I'm obligated to buy Canadian products. I love Canada, so why not. I want to support Canadian businesses first. It creates more job opportunities and it's away of giving back to the country.
15-Jun-2016, By: Shirley Sommerfeld
I am truly Canadian all the way.
15-Jun-2016, By: Diana
Because we need to support the people and businesses that we live near
15-Jun-2016, By: Helisa Duplassie
It is very important to my family to put money back into our own economy and support our businesses and start ups
15-Jun-2016, By: Lara
It is important to me to buy Canadian in order to support local businesses and reduce my environmental impact. Canada has a high standard of employee rights and treating workers fairly (as opposed to certain overseas manufacturing nations, for example) and let's face it, we make good stuf!!
16-Jun-2016, By: Melissa Boisvert
It's important to buy Canadian to keep our economy strong!
16-Jun-2016, By: Agnes Stanley
It's important to support our own people and keep our industries thriving!
16-Jun-2016, By: Susan Ranni
What an exciting contest! I love to focus on buying local and to motivate others to buy local! Not only does it help the families that work very hard for my support - but it also helps me stay physically connected to the community that I live in, during this social media age.
16-Jun-2016, By: Hannah
I'm proud to be Canadian...buying canadian means we can keep our beautiful country ours....I'm forever telling people they should buy canadian/buy local....Oh Canada.....our home and native land....let's all help so our future gereration can enjoy it as much as we do...:)..
16-Jun-2016, By: angela eagle
buying Canadian supports local business, makes stronger communities and helps our economy
16-Jun-2016, By: Joy
Buying Canadian supports our local and national economy and as a consumer we know we are purchasing quality.
16-Jun-2016, By: Jessica
It's important to me to buy Canadian products as it builds our economy
16-Jun-2016, By: Kathy Thorn
I try to buy Canadian to support Canadian workers and to keep jobs in Canada.
16-Jun-2016, By: Kristine Bauman
It's important to our economy to buy Canadian products. It keeps jobs in Canada and offers employment opportunities to Canadian workers.
16-Jun-2016, By: Judy Brunton
To keep the jobs in Canada. And especially buying from small businesses is awesome, shop locally from small family owned businesses.
16-Jun-2016, By: ginette4
I buy Canadian to keep our economy's very important to my family and I
16-Jun-2016, By: Brenda Penton
I prefer to buy Canadian-made products because I like to support products made in our country and help the economy.
16-Jun-2016, By: Judy Cowan
It is important for me to buy Canadian because it means providing employment for Canadians and it makes me feel good supporting my own country.
16-Jun-2016, By: JI
It's great to support local businesses. What a great way to support it!
16-Jun-2016, By: Antonia Paradis
We make quality products that we should support.
17-Jun-2016, By: lucy kabatoff
I buy Canadian! Canadian products are the best.
17-Jun-2016, By: Alana LeSueur
It is important to buy Canadian-made products for me, because I prefer to keep my hard earned money in Canada. It helps support our economy, it helps pay for our Health care system, etc. I prefer to support the small businesses, especially family run businesses. Having grown up in the interior of BC, and my father was an extremely hard working independent fruit farmer.
17-Jun-2016, By: Debbie Browne
I try to buy Canadian to support our own country's growth. Canadian products are a lot better quality than most other products out there, because we care about our reputation.
17-Jun-2016, By: Gloria Tretiak
If we don't start buying Canadian we will all start losing our jobs. We all know things are made cheaper overseas
18-Jun-2016, By: CLC
I buy Canadian because if we want our country to be successful then we have to support each other.
18-Jun-2016, By: Mike Gismondi
I like buying Canadian because it supports local people!
18-Jun-2016, By: Janet Meisner
I prefer to buy Canadian products as I know they are well made.
18-Jun-2016, By: Sheila Reeves
Buying Canadian ensures jobs,and gives you quality products.
18-Jun-2016, By: A.Smith
As an entrepreneur and fellow Canadian business owner, I really appreciate when consumers let me know they're proud to support fellow Canadians in their ventures. We can head towards total self-sufficiency within any given community (which is a great goal!) if we just support each other through our purchasing power.
18-Jun-2016, By: Ben Scheer
Buy local foundationally supports buy Canadian and Canadian communities
18-Jun-2016, By: gloria konelsky
I Like to support local businesses and I think our products are superior in many ways.Local employers need to have our support.
18-Jun-2016, By: laura d
To support Canadian businesses and maintain high quality in our goods and services.
19-Jun-2016, By: laura
it is important to buy canadian because its what keeps the economy going
19-Jun-2016, By: Carolyn
We used to make stuff, here in Canada. We made high-quality products and provided manufacturing jobs. Slowly but surely, due to the desire for lower prices, our manufacturing went off-shore - to China mainly and other Asian countries. The result - lower quality, planned obsolescence, a greater reliance on oil for shipping products great distances, which is also detrimental to the environment, and fewer well-paid manufacturing jobs. Let's Buy Canadian and reverse the process.
19-Jun-2016, By: Lynn Hussey
I research most things I buy and try to buy Canadian as much as I can.
19-Jun-2016, By: Sherry Kinnear
I like to buy Canadian because I can trust the quality of the products more.
20-Jun-2016, By: Sandy Moar
It's important to help our economy. Keep our money in our country. It keeps people employed which is a good thing.
20-Jun-2016, By: Karyn Climans
When people buy locally made products, it's a win-win for everyone! The money stays in the local economy rather than moving offshore in to the bank accounts of big corporations!
20-Jun-2016, By: Sarah N
I like to support my friends, family and neighbors. When you buy Canadian, you help create jobs.
20-Jun-2016, By: debbie paisley
I love buying Canadian made products. We should all support our Canadian made companies.
20-Jun-2016, By: Elena
It's important to buy Canadian so we support our own workers and economy. Also, I can trust by buying Canadian that children aren't being exploited for labour.
20-Jun-2016, By: yvonne
I like to buy local things because it's good feeling knowing that you're supporting businesses from your own country.
21-Jun-2016, By: Betty S
It is important for my to buy Canadian as often as possible, it keeps Canadians employed and we just make a better product. We have great resources to be able to do this
21-Jun-2016, By: Anu Chopra
it's important for me to buy Canadian-made products because it helps our economy, keeps jobs in Canada and our products are of excellent quality!
21-Jun-2016, By: Alayne Langford
I am buying more and more from Canadian businesses! It is so important to keep our economy strong and to know that you are supporting local companies who will give you personal customer service and who really care about what they do! I advocate for Canadian companies and try to spread the word as much as possible!
21-Jun-2016, By: Julie Palmese
Buy Canadian to support ourselves. We all benefit.
21-Jun-2016, By: Rose
It is important because it keeps our money home. So our money does the most local good. It also reduces transportation and the resulting environmental costs associated with that.
21-Jun-2016, By: Tracey Hoey
I believe it's important to buy Canadian products to support our fellow Canadians. It also helps to cut down on air pollution by having the products travel a shorter distance.
21-Jun-2016, By: Jason Boisvert
It's important to buy Canadian because it keeps job in Canada!
22-Jun-2016, By: Shelley Nelson
I love buying Canadian made items since it supports people at home. One of my favourite things to do is visit the One of Kind show in Toronto to purchase amazing products from talented artisans across the country. I am always up for looking at great Canadian brands and little businesses. I go to a local dry cleaner -not one of the chains. I prefer eating at family run restaurants not big American places.
22-Jun-2016, By: LisaM
I think it's important to buy Canadian because it's the best way to support our neighbours!
23-Jun-2016, By: Krista M
Big businesses seem to be overtaking our country & it's sad. We need to support each other & encourage local businesses to keep Canada diverse & our economy strong. Let's be proud of what we can accomplish as this great country & put our faith and dollars into Canadian brands!
23-Jun-2016, By: Nancy T
We like to buy Canadian and I feel it's so important because not only does it support my friends and family and the Canadian economy, the environmental impact of delivering the product either to a Canadian store or directly to my house is much better than something that comes from an international company.
23-Jun-2016, By: Sandy Couzens
I Always pick Canadian when I have the option. I just feel good doing that. It keeps jobs here and I feel it will be a better, safer product. Thank you for all the Great info.
24-Jun-2016, By: Connie p.
I like to support Canadian businesses!
25-Jun-2016, By: Pam
It is important to buy Canadian because it shows that we believe and trust in the products that we create and it fuels our economy.
25-Jun-2016, By: Maureen Bishop
I have always believed and supported our Canadian brands/products by purchasing them, advising family & friends to buy Canadian, and checking labels when shopping to ensure the items are made in Canada. Great quality comes from our country.
26-Jun-2016, By: JY
I like to buy Canadian to support local businesses as well as fair and safe working conditions.
27-Jun-2016, By: Molly McCarnan
I believe it is important to buy Canadian made products because we live in a beautiful amazing country and we should support the goods that are made here. We have some great quality products that cant be found anywhere else!
27-Jun-2016, By: Carol Graham
I always try to buy Canadian made as the more we support the economy the better it is for employment opportunities in our Country.
27-Jun-2016, By: Bailey Dexter
It is so it's important to buy Canadian-made products as we are reducing our carbon footprint. Also it assured people who make the products are treated fairly, and working in safe and sanitary conditions!
27-Jun-2016, By: Lorraine Wiebe
I always try to buy Canadian products because it helps stimulate the economy and really helps local producer and manufacturers.
27-Jun-2016, By: Debbie F
I feel that the products are safe and to keep jobs here in Canada.
27-Jun-2016, By: Ryan Buschemeyer
I always prefer to buy local, let alone Canadian. Mostly because I think shipping prices are insane in Canada. But when it really comes down to it, I buy from wherever is cheapest, even locally.
27-Jun-2016, By: Aimee
Canadian made is better quality. Cheaper isn't better
27-Jun-2016, By: Tina Bowden
Buying Canadian made products supports our economy and creates a more prosperous Canada!
28-Jun-2016, By: Ninetta Caparelli
Love that this contest is bringing awareness to the importance of buying and supporting local businesses. The "buy Canadian day" event on Wellington St on the 25th was awesome. Loved hitting up my favourite spots!
28-Jun-2016, By: Carol Mccreery
I like to support our local economy by buying Canadian made products. Knowing its made in Canada is a must for me for quality
28-Jun-2016, By: Darren Scrubb
I believe it is important to support your country, that is why I would be happy to win these prizes.
29-Jun-2016, By: pat h.
like to support the local economy
29-Jun-2016, By: Nancy J Montgomery
Buying Canadian-made products strengthens Canada's economy.
29-Jun-2016, By: Jana Liu
it's important for me to buy Canadian products because we love supporting Canadian businesses, show off Canadian pride plus the quality is much better
29-Jun-2016, By: Rose Hately
Canadian is quality and buying products made in Canada is good for our economy. #BuyCanadian #MadeInCanada
30-Jun-2016, By: Natalie
I love supporting local most of all - it helps support our small business and then Canadian economy can thrive - and also build upon our export business!!
30-Jun-2016, By: KittyPride
It is important to buy Canadian to support our local shops and encourage entrepreneurs to help our economy thrive.
30-Jun-2016, By: Grace S.
Canadian products are good to buy because you know they are safe and tested where out of country products are often contaminated and contain carcinogens.
30-Jun-2016, By: Liz
Buying Canadian products supports our communities from manufacturing jobs to local retailers keeping our money in Canada.
30-Jun-2016, By: Douglas Hately
Excellent program. We need to be reminded that buying Canadian helps us all.
30-Jun-2016, By: Judy Hunting
With the day to day struggles that a lot of people face, buying Canada made helps out a little bit every time you do. It helps to keep small businesses in business and puts food in the mouths of many people. Canada made products are usually much better quality than those items made in bulk in other countries. Buying Canada made products wearing Canada made products, eating Canada made products, it all helps you feel better. I am proud to be Canada and am proud to try to buy Canada made products
30-Jun-2016, By: Judy Hunting I tweeted and followed
30-Jun-2016, By: Lisa S
I buy Canadian first (and local as much as possible) to keep the economy strong and employment rates high. Less transportation is also better for our environment. I am lucky enough to live in a great valley with an abundance of local produce, fruits, meats, honey, crafts etc.. I rarely have to make the trip into the city to shop at the 'big box' stores.

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