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Founded in 1996, Langley (BC)-based hot tub manufacturer Coast Spas is celebrating 20 years of success & innovation; delivering quality product to Canadians and hot-tub lovers around the world!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Don Elkington, Coast Spas’ Founder and CEO, to discuss his company's vision. Here is our conversation:


I.R.: What inspired you to start this business?

I wanted to make a product that was superior than what was available.  I had a vision for what a hot tub could be and set out to make it a reality. 


I.R.: What achievement are you most proud of?

I'm most proud that I made that dream a reality.  With the help of a great team of people, we've successfully changed the landscape of the hot tub industry.  Thanks to our innovations and quality, we've enhanced the lives of hundreds of thousands of families that enjoy our hot tubs. Hot tubs are a happy place that facilitates some of the best moments you can have with the people closest to you.  Hot tubs encourage conversation, laughs, goofiness and intimacy with your loved ones.  What could be more satisfying than knowing that you helped make those moments happen?  To us here at Coast Spas, it's what continues to motivate us to get more people into hot water!


I.R.: How many people do you employ and how are you involved in your community?

We employ over 200 people and we are well known in our community here in Langley, BC. We're one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada and are proud to have achieved Platinum status.  Not only do we have extensive connections with local residents through employment - we've also funded sports teams, been nominated for environmental initiatives, hosted political and sports figures, supported community events and fundraisers - we also are very involved with ARC (Arthritis Research Canada) and put on huge BBQ events every few weeks.


I.R.: Why is important to manufacture in Canada?

Our business was started right here in British Columbia.  We were successful because our customers supported our locally made product and as we expanded so did the rest of our wonderful country.  It's because of the support of Canadians that we're a Canuck manufacturing success story and we haven't forgotten about who got us here.  Many of our competitors in North America have moved their production to Mexico - and overseas manufactures have turned to China - motivated by the low cost of labour.  However, we care more for quality, attention to detail and true craftsmanship.  For this, we want Canadians building our products. 


I.R.: What’s next for Coast Spas?

We're growing at a sustainable rate globally.  We want to bring more jobs to our community and more recognition to Canada being a powerhouse in the high-end, quality Hot Tub and Swim Spa industry.  We're going to continue to expand our global presence and let our Canadian innovation shine worldwide.


Such an awesome Canadian company. Best wishes for your continued success!


Images courtesy of Coast Spas

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