Zedbed - Pure Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow, Standard

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Zedbed Orthopedic Pillow - The Orthopedic pillow supports the curve formed by your neck, head and shoulders for a relieving, therapeutic experience. This specially molded pillow, made of our PURE pressure-relieving material (an exclusive formula)  eliminates the unpleasant pressure points that cause sleep disorder. The pillow has a density of 5,3 pounds and an open-cell structure for more breathability. 


 Zedbed was the first North American  manufacturer to make its own high-density, soy-based memory foam.  


• Colour: Blue
• Item composition: PURE memory foam infused with  gel-crystals infused
• Wash/Care Instructions: Spot clean only
• High Density memory foam – 5.3 lb/ft3, PURE Series
• Soy-based pillow
• Slow recovery and pressure-relieving comfort
• Therapeutic shape
• Supports the curve formed by your neck, head and shoulders for a relieving
• Gel-crystal infused to get a real cool night's sleep and a better support
• Medium-Firm pillow
• Ventilation system; limits the problem of excess perspiration
• Manufactured in company-owned facility
• Made entirely in Canada
• Dimensions: 22.5"L x 12"W x 4"H

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