Truth Seva Flat Belt

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Warning: I am a flat, elastic belt and I will fit anyone, anywhere! I’m adjustable too. I stretch and shrink to any size! So that means whether you’re doing a weight loss program or at your favourite all-you-can-eat buffet, I’m the perfect belt for you! And my nickel-free belt buckle is smooth and flat, so you’ll never have any unsightly belt buckle bulges under your shirt!


Better yet, move the belt buckle to the side so that there is only elastic showing at the front for a different look that makes it seem like you don’t have a buckle at all!I fit through most belt loops. But if you happen to have a pair of dress pants that have a smaller belt loop, no problem! My sister belt, “The Karma” is thinner than me.  


Whether you’re shaped like an hourglass, a pear, an apple, an avocado, or even a broccoli, I’ll fit you! Even men can wear me! Check out how many different colours and patterns you can find me in! Please note that for the ‘Black Mini Diamonds’ pattern, the buckle has a beautiful brushed silver finish, while all of the other colours/patterns have an antique finish.

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