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Nothing is more frustrating than sitting in a cold car as your wheels spin on packed snow. Not knowing what to do or who to call, you sit there waiting, cold and frustrated... Dont you wish you had SOMETHING to use that would get your tires to grab?


Now with the Argonaut Tire Traction Runners, winter driving is safer and easier than ever!! The Argonaut Tire Traction Runner is a Traction Pad specially designed to get your car out of ice & snow and are the kind of peace of mind that every person deserves!


Ever had your car stuck in snow or ice, stranded with your tires spinning waiting for a tow truck? Well never again!! The Argonaut Tire Traction Runners were created with safety in mind and are an absolute must for all winter emergency kits. Now with The Argonaut, you have the tools to get your vehicle the traction it needs to get back on the road, quickly and easily! Don't let snow and ice get between your tires and the road!

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