Silver Proof Set - 100th Anniversary Declaration of WWI

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99.99% Pure Silver Proof Set - 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of the First World War (2014)


"The War to End All Wars" shaped the world and defined Canada's place within it. It was a monumental chapter in this nation's history, touching countless lives. Men and women. Young and old. And its impact has reverberated across time, from generation to generation for 100 years.


On August 19, 1914, The Right Honourable Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada, famously declared that "we stand shoulder to shoulder with Britain" as Canada formally joined the Allied declaration of war against Germany at the outbreak of the First World War.


About the Design:
Nova Scotia artist Bonnie Ross captures one of countless emotional farewells replayed on train platforms across Canada as our volunteers left to assemble in Valcartier for war in Europe. The 2014 Proof Fine Silver Dollar features gold plating selectively applied and depicts a couple in a farewell embrace as military recruits board a train for basic training. You can be certain the emotions that filled Canadian train stations 100 years ago are the same as the hope, fear, love and uncertainty today's military families feel as they say "goodbye" to their loved ones who choose to serve Canada here and abroad.


This historic four-year conflict saw Canadian nationhood reach new heights after Canada sent its first-ever independent, national military contingent to fight alongside French and British forces, thus abandoning the old custom of assigning Canadian soldiers to British infantry units. The volunteers who joined the First Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) in 1914 left their communities and loved ones to board trains headed for Valcartier, Quebec. This famous Canadian Armed Forces base first opened in 1914 as the training camp for CEF soldiers bound for Britain and France to join the Allied fight against the German-led enemy.


By 1916, Canada was able to field an army corps of four divisions at the front. Eventually commanded in 1917 by a Canadian, Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie, our troops won praise and admiration for their achievements in battles such as the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, and many more fought in the decisive last hundred days of the war.


Your coin set is among our best-sellers every year since 1937, it is an exceptional keepsake that expresses your affection and pride for all Canadians who served the cause of freedom.


 Your premium Proof Set features include:
  •   This is the ONLY set offering selective gold plating on the commemorative silver dollar—A MUST HAVE!
   •   The 99.99% Silver Proof Dollar with stunning selective gold plating makes this the crème de la crème of collector sets
   •   In addition to the gold-plated silver dollar, the 99.99% silver loonie and 99.99% silver toonie feature selective gold plating
   •   You pay no GST/HST and with only 25,000 sets worldwide, this collection will sell quickly, order yours today!
   •   Five finishes! The relief (raised foreground) incorporates the use of five (5) different finishes using a new laser engraving which beautifully accentuate the design. Note the different finishes used on the background, the ground and the top windows on the train, the uniforms of the soldiers and the lower windows on the train, the train, bags and skin of all the people, and the lady's dress and the main soldier's socks.


Ideal for your fine silver proof set collection or to give to a friend to start theirs!
  •   All coins in your Premium Proof Set exhibit the highest quality finish (Proof) produced by the Royal Canadian Mint
   •   A new laser-engraving tool was used so that your coins have an increased sculptural appearance. Compare against previous proof sets and you will notice the difference!
   •   Hand polished! The field (flat background) has a highly hand polished mirror-like finish
   •   Comes in a leather book-style package to showcase your coins with elegance!


About the Package:
  •   Your set will include a numbered certificate with detailed coin specifications – your proof of ownership for this low mintage premium Proof Set and evidence that each coin has been individually inspected by our resident quality assurance specialists
   •   Your fine silver proof set comes in an elegant genuine leather book-style packaging that complements your beautiful coins

 Order your fine silver coin set today! 

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