Silk & Shea Butter Handmade Soap

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Made in Canada

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A luxurious unscented handmade soap with added Silk and Shea Butter (read more about these ingredients, below).

Made with olive oil, cocoa butter, and oatmeal, plus silk* and shea butter**.
Great for sensitive, dry, oily, and normal skin
Creamy rich lather won’t dry out your skin
100% natural / no preservatives
Fragrance Free

*Silk is rich in antioxidants and amino acids, and is a powerful ally in the fight against dry, irritated skin. It helps rebuild skin cells and both moisturize and prevent moisture loss.

**Shea Butter is super food for skin. It contains vitamins A, E, and F which work together to restore dry, damaged skin and keep it moisturized and healthy.

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