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Canada’s finest handcrafted vodka: there can be only One.


CanadaOne is named after the distiller’s cut—the purest one percent of a spirit that is achieved for a brief moment at the peak of distillation. To get to that one percent, we use one grain, from one farm, at one distillery. While seemingly simple, our vodka is unconventional, distilled in the same copper pot stills we use for our whisky, and from barley instead of wheat. Once it’s in a glass, there’s no mistaking it. CanadaOne vodka is as pure as the barley and spring water it’s made from—an unmistakably Canadian vodka.


CanadaOne Tasting Notes


CanadaOne is neutral on the nose with a light, grain sweetness and a hint of floral aromas. The palate is quite round, with a clean, crisp, semi-sweet grain finish.


CanadaOne Facts


Still: Custom-designed copper still

Base: Two-row barley (That’s it. Nothing else.)

Distillation: Small-batch, 4x distilled and charcoal-filtered

Alcohol Content: Bottled at 40% Alc.Vol

Bottle Size: 375ml ($17.00) and 750 ml ($31.50)

Packaging: Beautiful silkscreened and frosted bottle with custom Vinolok glass enclosure and premium embossed and foil-stamped box, suitable for gift-giving.

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