Reclaimed Wood Cheese Board

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Natural Super Canadian Handmade
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Made in Canada

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These beautiful cheese boards were made from reclaimed cherry wood cross cuts locally in Ontario. Varying in length from 13” to 37”, approximately 9” to 12” in width, they are 1” thick. Once cut, the wooden cheese boards are treated on both sides with 10 coats of all natural cold pressed hemp seed oil and 2 coats of hemp seed oil and natural bees wax mixture. Included with each purchase is a 2 oz. tin of bees wax/hemp seed oil mixture from the manufacturer. Can be used also as cutting boards, bread boards, serving boards, centerpieces or simply works of art to grace your table.


Available Sizes (Sizes are approximate and will vary depending on wood cut):

- Large (20-25" diameter) $81.99

- Medium (16-19" diameter) $67.99

- Small (13-15" diameter) $51.99


Ethical: Made with skilled craftsmanship and unparalleled care by dedicated artists. A commitment to reconnect with the local and human sources of our goods.


Recycled: Made in whole, or in part, from recycled ingredients and/or with recyclable materials. This product is made from trees that would otherwise be burnt, laid to rot or trucked to a landfill.


Forest Friendly: Responsible choice for forests and those who rely on them. This one of a kind serving platter has been created using local municipal forestry waste salvaged from felled Toronto trees.


Natural: Made with non-toxic ingredients safe for your health and for the environment. This product is finished with a food safe oil.

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