Quinco Bellagio Keystone Peel-and-Stick Tile

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The peel and stick tile Bellagio Keystone is warm and elegant. Indeed, its bronze and marble effect will obtain a subtle richness for your decor. In addition, its different beige and brown tones allow it to fit well with many colors.


For a sophisticate and calm decor, mix Keystone with soft colors as beige or cream. Add a touch of delicate color, pale green or blue, to illuminate your room. You also can insert an exotic side to your decor. You just have to combine the tile with orange and plant-like design.


Keystone, the tile that will enrich your decor.


Colors: Beige Marble, Bronze (Metallic), Brown Marble, Dark Beige, Dark Brown, Medium Beige Color (Grout Line), Medium Beige.

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