One-Kilogram Fine Silver Coin – Looney TunesTM

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Bugs. Daffy. Tweety. Sylvester. For many Canadians, the mere mention of these names evoke fond childhood memories of spending Saturday mornings in front of a television, transfixed and spellbound as these characters—and many more—outsmarted each other in situations that could only exist in our imaginations.

A sentimental gift for any Looney Tunes fan. Order today! - See more at:|categorypage|One-Kilogram_Fine_Silver_Coin_Looney_TunesTM_Ensemble_Cast_Mintage_750_2015|Shop-Kilo_coins&#.VjpSuSuumkF

The maple leaf is a powerful Canadian national symbol. Its popularity is largely due to the fact that it is such a big part of everyday life in Canada. First Nations people have long treasured the maple; they were the first to savour its delicious springtime sap. The maple shaped the lives of Canada's first settlers in countless ways and ultimately became synonymous with the ideals that lured them here–hope, opportunity and freedom that make the maple leaf a timeless keepsake to inspire generations.


Even now, the maple leaf continues to represent the freedom and opportunities people can find in Canada. It's a symbol that's jam-packed with promises to inspire generations to come!


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