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The Sensation Ride™ Common Sense Cinch reduces bulk and allows the western rider the convenience of adjusting the cinch from the horse. Lose the Latigos! The Common Sense Cinch features two roller buckles on either side and a latigo leather strap that runs through your rigging and doubles back on itself with a buckle and hole system, to allow a more precise fit and easy adjustment from the saddle. Reduces bulk from layers and layers of billets and latigos, and provides the horse with a limited stretch for some breathing room. Ideal for riders who have difficulty doing up the cinch, for example kids or those with arthritic hands. Mates with any western saddle, or any Sensation saddle with Western rigging. Removeable neoprene liner for easy cleaning.



Measure your horse’s circumference just behind the withers and through the girth groove.  Subtract 38″ from your measurement to determine your cinch size.


*Please note this formula only applies to the Sensation Ride™ Western Treeless saddles.

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