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Warning – once you try this old fashioned shaving soap, you’ll never use a commercial shaving cream again! This recipe is not much different than our regular cold process soap recipe except we added kaolin clay and a higher percentage of castor oil.


The kaolin clay helps give the soap extra “slip” and also works to purify your skin. The added castor helps give a thick creamy lather. All you need to do is grab a shaving brush.


These bars are great for both men and women!



1.Wet the shaving brush under warm, running water and wring out excess water from the brush’s bristles.
2.Rub the brush onto the shaving soap in a circular motion to create soap suds and brush your face with the shaving brush in a circular motion.


Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, Castor, Palm, Cocoa Butter; vitamin E, essential oils and kaolin clay.


Pair this with a natural bristle shaving brush for the ultimate old fashioned shaving experience.

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