Lancia Grand Voyager

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The latest evolution of a model that has created a whole concept in travel, based on the ultimate in space and comfort. The lines of the Voyager recount stories of infinite space, inside and out. 7 generous seats create the ultimate driving and travel experience. Originally known as the Chrysley Voyager, this vehicle is only available in Europe.


The Chrysler Voyager or Chrysler Grand Voyager is a luxury minivan sold by the Chrysler division of American automobile manufacturer Chrysler Group LLC. For most of its existence, vehicles bearing the Chrysler Voyager nameplate have been sold exclusively outside the United States, primarily in Europe and Mexico.


Although now produced solely in Ontario, Canada, the Grand Voyagers are still available with diesel engines as standard. These diesel engines are based on a modern double overhead cam common rail design from VM Motori of Italy.


Since 2011, the Voyager is sold under the Lancia badge in Europe to strengthen the Chrysler-Lancia integration.


Assembled in Chrysler plant in Windsor, Ontario.

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