Healthguard Cool Touch Mattress Cover

Posted By: HealthGuard

This product is :  
Made in Canada

Price:   $45.00

Product Description:

Mattress and health protector.


Enjoy a cooler, dryer, more comfortable sleep!


- Advanced comfort & protection.

- Doctor-recommended for allergen reduction, asthma, allergies and eczema.

- Prevents mattress stains.

- Validates new mattress warranties.

- Light weight - less bulk for washing.

- Stretch-knit skirt - guaranteed to fit.


Sizes and prices:

Twin                     $ 45.00
Twin XL                $ 47.00
Double                 $ 50.00
Double XL            $ 50.00
Queen                  $ 55.00
King                     $ 60.00


Pillow protectors:

STANDARD         $ 35.00/PAIR
QUEEN                $ 37.00/PAIR
KING                    $ 40.00/PAIR

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