Demes Get The Funk Out Natural Deodorizer and Sanitizer

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Made in Canada

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Multi-Use, Natural, Great Smelling.


Made with a blend of essential oils that pack a deodorizing, sanitizing and germ fighting punch.


Uses powerful essential oils to kill germs, bacteria, and microbes.


Effective as a hand sanitizer and deodorizer.


Strong enough for household items, safe to use on your body.


Multi-use and multi-purpose makes it a great eco-friendly product.


Deodorize shoes, yoga mats, sports equipment and more.


Traveling? Our convenient travel size lets you kill microbes and bacteria on the go, freshen clothing, and your body, anywhere!


No time for a shower? Use Get the Funk out to freshen up after a run, bike or hike.


Use as a room spray instead of  inhaling other toxic sprays.

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