Dear Lil' Devas Sleep Mask

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Made in Canada

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- Wonderfully soft and comfortable; substantial enough to block all light; the bottom flap felt just great and helped to fill the gap around the cheeks and nose
- the perfect size overall to completely block all light; wrapping over the temples felt very comfortable and warm; wrapping high on the forehead also offered needed comfort and stability
- The mask doesn't twist around, or slip off; it stayed pretty much centred and in place the whole night
- The sewing was beautifully detailed and the whole product looks like the usual Dear Lil Devas product – true craftsmanship and loving attention to details
- The band was the right tightness for both of us, with lots of room to tighten if the band loosens over time
- It feels like the bamboo will be perfect for summer heat just as it was good and warm for our cool bedroom

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