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No other symbol is as synonymous with Canada as its distinctive red-and-white flag. To Canadians at home and abroad, the red maple leaf unites us and instills a sense of belonging regardless of our different cultures, languages and beliefs. As the National Flag of Canada celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint proudly pays tribute to a beloved national symbol by showcasing the flag on the annual Proof Silver Dollar.


Our lowest mintage to date yet on our popular fine silver proof set that includes, for the first time, selective colouring on the proof dollar. A beautiful gift to celebrate and remember someone's birth in 2015 and also the perfect gift to start someone's new coin collection. Comes in genuine leather book-style packaging, order yours today!


Special features:
•     A FIRST! The Canadian flag is coloured in its traditional red and white colours, the first coloured fine silver proof dollar in the 99.99% pure silver proof set!
•     NEW LOW MINTAGE! This year's mintage is only 20,000. Hurry and order yours today!
•     Crafted in 99.99% pure silver, your fine silver coin set is GST/HST exempt!
•     Your 99.99% pure silver proof set includes the following seven coins:
       •     Coloured 99.99% pure silver proof dollar with selective colouring that highlights the Canadian flag!
       •     2 dollar (toonie) coin struck in 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating
       •     1 dollar (loonie) coin struck in 99.99% pure silver coin with selective gold plating
       •     50 cents, 25 cents, 10 cents, and 5 cents coins all struck in 99.99% pure silver
•     INTERESTING DESIGN DETAIL: 50 maple leaves form a symbolic ring highlighting the flag's 50th anniversary.
•     The Royal Canadian Mint's renowned artistry and craftsmanship bring to life this stunning design that celebrates the 50th anniversary of Canada's flag through the use of symbolic imagery.
•     Comes in genuine leather book-style packaging to showcase your coins with elegance!


 Your coin brings together symbolic elements that reflect how the Canadian flag is perceived both at home and abroad. Occupying much of the image's field, the famous red flag—its white centre square bearing the stylized red maple leaf—billows softly in the wind at full-mast atop a flagpole. Beneath it, a backpacker stands turned to the right and gazes at the horizon beyond a landscape that is a cross-section of Canada. This traveler's journey highlights the freedom and opportunities offered by Canada to explore and grow, whether at home or abroad. And while the addition of a small Canadian flag on the backpack is a common practice for Canadian travelers, it also speaks to the respect and recognition this national symbol receives throughout the world. The flag's 50th anniversary is highlighted with a symbolic ring of 50 maple leaves.


Since it was first raised in 1965, the National Flag of Canada has come to symbolize many of the values and opportunities that have defined Canada and its people.


Did you know?
•     The adoption of a national flag was proposed as far back as the late nineteenth century, but to no avail—that is, until the idea was raised again in 1964 by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson.
•     After much divisive debate, the National Flag of Canada was approved by Parliament in 1964. At the stroke of noon on February 15, 1965, the Canadian Red Ensign (Canada's previous flag) was lowered on Parliament Hill and replaced by the National Flag of Canada!
•     The official way to describe the flag is by explaining it as a red flag with a white square in its centre, which is adorned with a red maple leaf.
•     The design is symmetrical—if you fold the flag from one red edge to the other, both halves should be the same!
•     The maple leaf has long been used as a symbol for this country; meanwhile, red and white were featured prominently in the Canadian coat of arms, as proclaimed by King George V in 1921. Official flag etiquette requires that the National Flag of Canada never touch the ground!


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