Cadillac XTS

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Assembled in Canada

Price:   $49440.00

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The Canadian built XTS is the most technologically advanced car Cadillac has ever produced - and the new state of the art in luxury sedans.


Its distinctive sculpted lines hold immense visual energy and hint at something equally captivating: a newly available 3.6L 410 HP Twin Turbo direct-injection V6 engine that delivers a new level of invigorating performance with optimal efficiency.1 Also new to the XTS is the Automatic Parking Assist. Once activated, this available system will locate a suitable parking spot and then help you park your car. Stunningly modern, yet meticulously crafted. Powerful, yet efficient.1 Explore the XTS and discover a car that not only moves you, but accelerates you well into tomorrow.


Staring at $ 49,440.00


Assembled in Oshawa, Ontario.

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