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Just Released and available for Pre-Order!  The COLT lacrosse shaft is ideal for Field lacrosse players or forwards playing Box lacrosse. The lightweight shaft provides superior durability and impact resistance in comparison to carbon composite shafts while weighing in at approximately the same weight as elite composites. Backed by a 1-year warranty.



The COLT line features a carbon-composite shaft reinforced with our Nanovate™ NiCo protective layer which provides superior durability and impact resistance while offering the same lightweight demanded by offensive players and field lacrosse players, alike. Ultimately the COLT provides the same toughness of titanium and metal-alloy handles at a significantly lighter weight. This revolutionary toughness-to-weight ratio enables users to play with the confidence and ferocity allowed by heavy handles with the control of lightweight composite handles!


Nanovate™ NiCo application increases the toughness of the shaft tremendously with a reasonable weight addition.
Tested by dropping 5.5 lbs from two feet high, followed by a bend/strain analysis to determine the point in which the handle breaks. The results show that the COLT has a radical strength-to-weight ratio that places it in the top tier of lightweight lacrosse handles offered on the market.


205 grams @ 30″


30″, 31″ or 32″


Available in Satin Finish and Grip Finish.

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