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We hand weave our rope hammocks from an industrial strength soft-spun nylon braid. In fact, we braid eight individual strands over a centre core.


The yarn we use is the same yarn used to make fish net for the local fishing industry, and has a tensile strength of 1000 lbs. This UV stabilized rope is meant to be in and out of salt water, in the sunshine, wet or dry, so it’s rot and mildew resistant.


The colored yarns are solution-dyed, and will not bleed or fade. With very minimal care and maintenance, your hand-crafted hammock will easily last for over 15 years.

• Measures 60″ wide by 84″ long
• Requires 12 to 13.5 feet of space
• Weight capacity is 500 lbs.
• Hardwood spreader bars are available in natural, cactus green or blue ash stain


Available in: Black, White, Green, Navy, Red, Silver

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