1 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Cowboy in Canadian Rockies (2014)

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The foothills of the Canadian Rockies are home to Canada's cowboy heritage. Geologically unique, this exceptionally jagged, highly glaciated mountain range provides not only a stunning backdrop for those who pursue their livelihoods on its rolling foothills, but the shelter and rich, moist soil that are essential to successful ranching. For more than a century, these resilient Canadian cowboys and cowgirls have worked with the ebb and flow of the land, which is at turns either cruel or kind, evolving a way of life unique to this land and those whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.


Did you know…
•   The legendary image of the western cowboy is most often invoked in reference to the history of the United States, but Canada has a rich cowboy heritage.
•   Canadian ranching is said to have emerged in British Columbia's interior valleys about a decade before it began in southern Alberta. In each of these regions, however, the emergence of ranching was driven by distinct factors. While ranching in British Columbia was fuelled by various gold rushes, Alberta ranching was initially begun by absentee landowners from Europe and the United States. These owners gave way to local homesteads and smaller operations by the turn of the century, in part because of new laws that eliminated the large lease holding system that had fuelled the earliest ventures.


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Special features:

•   The fourth coin in the beautiful 2014 O Canada series that focuses on iconic Canadian images: this coin pays tribute to the cowboy in the Canadian Rockies.
•   Masterfully crafted by Royal Canadian Mint engravers using a variety of engraving techniques and finishes to bring depth and texture to the artist's original depiction of an iconic Western Canadian moment.
•   An excellent addition to any nature-focused, cowboy-themed, or Canadiana collection.
•   Your coin is GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.


The arresting design presents a Canadian cowboy on horseback, leading a second horse through the Canadian Rockies. In the central foreground of the image, a cowboy on horseback, fully outfitted in cowboy hat, shirt, and breeches, sits in the saddle on his mount as he holds in his right hand the reins of a second horse that is fully loaded for a back-country packing adventure. The cowboy and his horses stand on top of a rocky outcropping, flanked on either side by conifers. Just behind and below them in a low valley is a wide river. In the middle distance is the opposite shoreline of low foothills covered in pines. Beyond the far shore, rising high into the sky, are the jagged snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a custom beauty box.


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