Crowsnest Coffee Company

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Coleman, Alberta
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2 people
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Manufacturer, Online Retailer
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Gifts, Food and Drink

About us:

Crowsnest Coffee Company evolved out of a passion for roasting beans, in the relentless pursuit of a great cup of coffee.  We’ve immersed ourselves in the calculated art that is coffee roasting, to be able to provide our customers and community with an unparalleled coffee experience. We meticulously select our beans and roast them in small batches to coax out the complex and unique essence of each variety in order to create an exceptional brew. We really like our coffee and we think you will too.

Our roasterie is tucked away in the southwest corner of Alberta where the rolling prairies meet the majestic Rocky Mountains.  In this mountain playground we are fortunate to have all the elements to live the mountain dream.  We have singletrack to mountain bike in the summer, steep and deep powder in the winter, and great tasting coffee all year round.  We appreciate life’s simple pleasures, believe that what goes around, comes around, try and learn something new everyday, concentrate on our passions, are kind to each other, and always find time to laugh.  Living life the way it was meant to be lived!  We are proud to be small mountain town coffee roasters, and are so excited to be able to share our beautiful roasted coffee beans.  Fresh, local, beans.

We named ourselves Crowsnest Coffee Company because we wanted to stay grounded in our local roots.  Crowsnest Mountain is an iconic image in this area. It never fails to give me reason to pause and take in it’s beauty.  Whether standing boldly against a blue bird sky, lit with the soft pinkish haze of evening, under a cape of snow, or surrounded by ominous gray clouds, the Crow is a wondrous, complex and inspiring mountain.   A person can choose their route and pace to climb the Crow.  It can be a slow ascent, taking in the views and marveling in the beauty, or a quick adrenaline filled push for the summit.  Regardless of route or pace, the final summit is the same and the rewards are equal.  So whether you prefer chocolaty sweetness, an earthy aggressive bite or a spicy note in your coffee, we know everyone has different tastes and styles, and it’s all about your unique journey and the ultimate ascent.

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