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The process of preparing our True Pure Choice and True Raw Choice recipes begins with careful quality assurance and choosing of ingredients.  Our ingredients are selected at federally inspected facilities and with best effort we select “A” quality ingredients.We apply a process of lower temperature and longer baking or dehydrating that will keep all the original nutrients, bioavailability and palatability. True Pure Choice and True Raw Choice recipes are baked & dehydrated in small batches at a lower temperature and for a longer time period for superior nutrients, maximum quality control and to retain all the satisfying flavor and nutrition for your companion’s natural appetite. We source all of our ingredients through our trusted network of local farmers within Ontario and from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and regional federally inspected plants because we want A-1 meats and produce attainable for your companion. Selecting only the best for True Pure Choice and True Raw Choice recipes goes without saying, so our products do not contain artificial preservatives, added hormones or antibiotics, by-products and added sugars.

We have a state of the art facility where our goal is producing and handling products at human standards.We source all our ingredients from Federally inspected facilities that have the same goal of standards.  We have strict company policies on the handling of ingredients and on product preparation, baking, dehydration and packaging to product the highest quality products for our companions to live a healthy happy life. 

Paul Spindler, Owner 
Guided by the company vision – We will be a sustainable independent Pet Product Company providing innovative high quality natural products for as many of our companion pets as possible to enjoy a healthy happy life.Living the company mission - We will source, supply and produce the best quality pet products possible for and in partnership with our national pet retailers and distributors and, we will do it reliably adhering to the highest safety standards possible!Your True Companion Pet Products prepares ingredients, recipes, bakes and dehydrates natural pet product lines True Pure Choice and True Raw Choice for your companion animals using only local natural ingredients that are sourced in Canada and made in Canada.         

Living in Guelph Ontario with his wife Julie, 3 children and beautiful dog Bella and cat Boo, Paul proudly prepares exceptional natural pet food, treats and supplements using only human grade Canadian natural ingredients.  Paul is committed to the well-being of your pet and committed to providing local natural Canadian products with health benefits for your companion animal to enjoy.  Having worked in the pet industry for over 25 years, Paul is highly passionate about his work and looks forward to providing exceptional service to you and your companion.

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