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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
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10 people
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Creating AROMA CRYSTAL VIBRATIONAL THERAPY body care products is more than Jane Janzen 's business; it is her pleasure and life's mission.

At the age of five, and with an intuitive understanding of what she was doing, Jane spontaneously began gathering plants and flowers and diffusing them into essences and tinctures. Embracing both of her grandmothers' traditions of herbal medicine she has apprenticed with shamans, herbalists and healers. In a passionate quest to help heal our planet, Jane has made frequent trips to the deserts of the American Southwest and Mexico, as well as other parts of the world, immersing herself in the study of the healing properties and potentials of bio-electric technologies, semi-precious stones and crystals, herbs, earth and sea salts, and pure essential oils.

In 1989, she began to share her bath and body products among friends and family, and selling her wares at Salt Spring Island's renowned Saturday Market. Her continued focus on healing has grown into the AROMA CRYSTAL line of all-natural body care products that are available today.

Jane formulates her creations using natural plant elements and the energy spectrums of colour, light and sound. Quartz crystals are well known for their ability to transmit, transmute, and store energies. These crystals serve to amplify, focus and enrich the oils' potential to re-mind and re-pattern our own subtle energetic bodies, and she uses them to infuse essential oils with subtle frequencies that help shift energy patterns in body, mind and spirit. Jane believes the most powerful (and gentle) medicines work on the subtle vibrational level, raising the frequency of the energetic patterns that guide our bodies, minds and spirits. "All things affect all things," Jane says. "From the healer's hands to the crystals cast into these mixtures; from the ebb and flow of the moon to the loving intent with which these essences are created. Ultimately, all things have a vibrational frequency, and it is my intent to infuse these frequencies into my products to help heal the many emotional and physical ailments that plague our bodies and our planet."

Our aromatherapy bath and body products are made with love and 100% pure essential oils. We use herbs, earth, flower extracts and semi-precious crystals to create our products. Our compositions are a harmony of leading edge energetic science, ancient herbal traditions and nature's bounty. We only use 100% non-toxic, environmentally friendly non-GMO ingredients and no chemicals.

We recently reduced our overall use of plastic packaging by 40%, and all packaging is free of BPA and phthalates.

We test on friends and family, not animals! A focus on Vibrational Therapy helps purify and enrich the healing potential of all our products. We work as a team to create Aroma Crystal Vibrational Therapy products at home with founder Jane Janzen, on Salt Spring Island, off the west coast of Canada.

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