Product Review: coffee beans roasted in Canada

My name is Isabelle and I am an addict. A caffeine addict, that is.

It’s a terrible and wonderful thing all at once. It’s great because it’s always coffee time when I’m around. It’s terrible because I’m also a coffee snob (sorry, no Tim Hortons coffee for me). My poison of choice is a double cappuccino “dry”, which basically means lots of espresso and very little milk.  

Whenever we travel, we’re always hunting for the perfect coffee. In Italy last fall, this was it:

Here in Montreal, I’m a big fan of Café Union in Little Italy. A classic since 1910.

At home, we’re lucky enough to have one of those magical SAECO coffee machines. The ones that grind the beans, froth the milk and deliver an awesome cup of happiness at the touch of a button. And the best part is trying different coffee beans to create totally different results. How fun is that!?

Recently we tried beans roasted locally in Alberta by artisan roasters Crowsnest Coffee Company. Named after Crowsnest mountain in southern Alberta, the folks at this small town coffee roaster are firmly rooted in the community, sharing their passion for artfully crafted coffees.

We tried their Pic’s Bootleg Blend as well as their Bushtown Blend.

The Bushtown Blend is their signature blend. A 4-bean blend, medium dark roasted, the beans are small, brown and dry (as in not oily). It made a smooth, rich cup with no bitterness and definite chocolate tones. A great after dinner blend.

The Pic’s Bootleg Blend is a stronger animal, dark roasted and bold in every way. A big taste, rich and full-bodied but without bitterness. The beans are darker and a little more “oily”, but not much. This is important for our machine, as too much oil jams it and then it’s time for a costly trip to the repair shop…I loved this coffee first thing in the morning, with almond milk. Heaven!

If you, or somebody you know, loves coffee with a passion, you need to discover Crowsnest. They ship all across Canada for your convenience! They also have a fundraiser program which is perfect for any caause.

Check them out!


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