I Love my Maple Butcher Block Made in Canada!

Let’s start this post with a confession: I don’t cook. Not that I don’t know how to, I just can’t get to the kitchen. I suffer from a condition called “married to an awesome chef”, which is about as painful as it sounds. So in my family, I’m the head baker.

This being said, I LOVE kitchen accessories. One of my favourite things are cutting boards. Don’t ask me why, but I love having a whole assortment of them on hand. I like both the plastic ones and the wooden ones, as I find both have their applications. I do have a weakness for wooden boards though, as all mine are made in Canada!

The latest add-on to my collection is a superb full-size butcher block made in Quebec by Labell Boards, and available now at Amazon.ca for $36.97!

This beauty is made of solid maple, is 4 cm thick and weighs close to 10 lbs! I love how solid it feels, especially when you’re struggling with a stubborn butternut squash or turnip. Its little rubber feet make sure it stays in place on your counter, in spite of the struggle! I also like the groove all around, which collects juices from fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Labell Boards is a socially-conscious company that employs mentally and physically challenged employees. They make many different styles of cutting boards, as well as rolling pins. A company worth supporting and products you’ll love for years to come. A win-win in my books!

How about you? Do you enjoy being in the kitchen?

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