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Stunning Silver!

This week on Samantha Stylish, I featured beautiful made-in-Canada jewellery from Zippan Designs . This label was created in 2007 by talented Danielle Zippan in Toronto. Experimenting since 2003, it was 2007 when she decided to dive full time in to her business. She is a natural at design with classic and elegant styles mixed with a funky edge to create timeless jewellery! Her goal is that her pieces stand the test of time in both design and quality, becoming heirlooms for the generations to come.

Canadian-made jewelry by Zippan Designs -

Today, her beautiful nickel-free sterling silver jewellery can be found at over 20 stores across Eastern Canada. Her items retails from $25-$200, ensuring jewellery for any budget. Since finding the Zippan label, I have been a customer and passionate advocate for these creative and unique designs.

Danielle takes inspiration from her daily life and customer feedback. She transforms the sketches to silver by hand, sawing her designs with a traditional silversmiths coping saw. Some of her latest pieces are cast from her original silver samples. After casting, they are filed and finished to the highest standard of quality coming from a high attention to detail. Customers know what they are getting and can see her impeccable quality in design and structure. In a world where disposable jewelry abounds, and items often come apart on the dance floor, I can attest to the long durability of Zippan creations!

Canadian-made jewelry2 by Zippan Designs -

This fall, we see soft feminine chains layered and mixed with different types of links. The styles are perfect for work or play, bringing a sense of elegance to your daily work wear. My favourite each season are the earrings, as she has an incredible talent for fashioning uber glam style that is practical.

I have a unique Zippan feather necklace, that I wear everyday! It’s reliably the conversation piece in my wardrobe and the sense of elegance when wearing my sweats and comfy pants. Jewellery is a great way to invest in – Made in Canada – products because there is a large variety of less expensive products out there, that can be the foundation to growing your Canadian-made fashion collection!

Canadian-made jewelry3 by Zippan Designs -

To see more of my review on Zippan Designs, please visit Samantha Stylish and to dive deeper into the world of Zippan designs visit Zippan Designs .

Do you have a favourite piece?

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