Canadian Fashion Friday with Samantha Stylish –Black Daffodil boutique

Black Daffodil boutique in the Junction Area of Toronto is filled with unique accessories and a variety of Canadian-made clothing labels. Store owner Cynthia does an amazing job curating her store with everything a gal would ever need in building the perfect wardrobe! She also runs the Black Daffodil clothing label that merges 1940s glamour with wearable modern clothing for the everyday woman. Cynthia and her team love the classic sophisticated pin up woman aesthetic and strive to make that look possible to wear day to day. For their clothing line they choose mostly natural fabrics that breathe and have a bit of stretch for comfort.

Besides the several reason to shop local – one of the best things in my opinion is: Often first prototypes are items the designers themselves are longing for in their own wardrobe! Therefore you are usually getting a quality piece that has been well thought-out. Black Daffodil designer Cynthia Rea went through exactly this – she wanted a pencil skirt that she could easily move in, as they are notoriously rigid. Therefore she created a masterpiece for us women, and believe me all week I have been enjoying the highest mobility in these comfy-chic skirts! See these skirts in action, in my latest video showing behind the scenes from my last photo shoot.


To read more on my review please visit Samantha Stylish.


Images courtesy of Samantha Stylish

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