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Brilliant Birds of North America

This week we headed from beautiful British Columbia to trendy Montreal, focusing on clothing label Birds of North America. This brand name comes from designer Hayley Gibson’s sense of quirkiness and fun; she wanted a neat and modern name that would be truly unforgettable!

Founded in 2007, this label is sold at over 30 stores across North America, with 20 of them located for us here in Canada. Production in Canada is important to Hayley because workers are paid a fair wage. Her line shows the true value of Canadian-made clothing and brings a sense of the skill of human labour that goes into clothing making.

Hayley’s inspiration for her Fall-Winter 2012 collection was reflecting on a theme and time when women would have just one dress. They would cherish it, wear it proudly, take the utmost care of it and its style would remain classic and timeless. This preciousness for fashion is what inspired her to create a collection of stunning dresses that each carries their own beautiful understated details while mixing femininity with class.

My favourite look is the eggplant purple lace dress, called the Nightingale. Naturally, each season all of the dresses are named after birds – Designer Hayley promises this is the only detail with the bird theme when it comes to her brand! The Nightingale dress is cut elegantly to form and shape any body type. The lace is carefully placed with the lining creating a beautiful drape and quality feel. Whether you wear this dress to your upcoming family event or NYE Gala this Canadian-made dress will turn heads for sure!

To see more on my review please visit Samantha Stylish and to dive deeper into the world of Birds of North America please visit Birds of NorthAmerica.

Images courtesy of Samantha Stylish

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