Buy Canadian Day - 25 June 2016

We are excited to announce the creation of Canada’s very first Buy Canadian Day, to take place on June 25th 2016, a few days before Canada Day! The focus is to encourage shoppers across the country to buy at least one product made in Canada that day! Imagine the ripple effects!

This national initiative will put a spotlight on independent retailers, across the country, who sell Canadian-made products. Its aim is to educate consumers about the availability of products made in Canada, to support local retailers who carry such products, and to hopefully increase the production output of Canadian manufacturers of all sizes. Win-win-win!

Keeping more of our hard-earned dollars at home make sense, especially in the current economy where the price of imported goods goes up ever time the value of the Canadian dollar goes down.

We are calling on ALL Canadians to join us in making this event a success, because buying Canadian is everyone’s business. Get involved!

  • Consumers: register for our newsletter to receive updates, special promo and first access to our #BuyCanadianDay contest to win hundreds of dollars’ worth of Canadian products! And keep an eye on our ever-growing retailers map. New pins are added every day!
  • Manufacturers: join our network and make sure your products are represented on our website for all to see during the run-up to the big day!
  • Retailers: sign-up to participate in the first ever #BuyCanadianDay and get a pin on our retailers map! Get additional shoppers into your store on that day, and every day of the year, by advertising the fact that you sell Canadian-made products!
  • Business Associations: tell your members about this special day so they will not be left out!
  • Media: please help us spread the word about this important and unique event in Canada’s history!

More details to come soon.

Meantime, we’re looking for sponsors who wish to support this great initiative! Please contact us at

Now go! Get involved!


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